Car Starter Motor System

Car Starter Motor SystemTurning on the ignition sparks a series of events that eventually ensure that the car runs the engine and it is ready for use by the driver. First the battery power flows to the solenoid before it sends currents to the starter motor pushing the starter gear to engage the flywheel after which the motor is awakened to turn the crankshaft of the engine. If the starter system is functional then the engine will start. This is a process that takes milliseconds to happen and faulty starter motors will not work and instead require repair or replacement. The starter system is made up of a number of components which might be what needs to be replaced or repaired so they can work together to make the starting process swift.

Ignition – It is the part where the car keys enter and it’s next to your steering wheel. The lock cylinder where the key fits turns the switch connecting the starter and the battery. It therefore ought to be in a position to engage the starter.

Starter  – This is a small electrical device that provides power to the engine.

Need an AC Compressor for Your Car

Need an AC Compressor for Your CarWhen driving your vehicle, you probably don’t give much thought to the myriad parts that are keeping it running. That is, until an unexpected problem occurs and your car isn’t functioning as it should. Your AC compressor gets a lot of use and works to provide cool air on hot days, so when something goes wrong, you are going to notice.

Compressor problems are actually quite common. What most people don’t realize, however, is that this component is under more stress than any other part of the AC system. So without regular maintenance, you’ll almost definitely have some issues.mmon Problems

Usually, the cause of an AC problem is obvious; if it isn’t, you can begin to identify it by checking the compressor for anything that seems amiss. A few of the most common clues that there might be something wrong include the following:

– A faulty compressor can cause odd noise to come from the appliance.

– You’ll begin to feel a difference in the temperature. Over time, you’ll notice that the cool temperatures that you are setting the AC to are a bit

Safe Roads or Safe Vehicles

Safe Roads or Safe VehiclesIt might be keeping us alive, but it’s killing your vehicles!

If you live in the snowy cold climates LISTEN UP!

There are hidden dangers consumers should know about.

The chemicals being used to treat the ice and snow covered roads are corroding the undercarriage of your vehicle as well as your brake lines and much more.

The DOT is using chemicals instead of the sand now, because they know longer have to sweep the roads in the spring. Now it’s costing us, the consumers more in repairs to the underside of our vehicles.

Do you have any idea what this stuff is doing to the underside of your vehicle?
I bet not until it’s too late.

Bring your vehicle to your local garage and have them look at the undercarriage of your car to inspect the damage being caused by these chemicals before it’s to late, as is what happened to me while traveling to NY on a snowy winter day.

I was on the highway just pulling off the

Wheel Alignment and Keeping Your Car on the Road

When you think of your vehicle’s tires and what goes into caring for them, you might figure all you need to do is make sure they have enough air and are rotated on a regular basis. But what a lot of people don’t realize is proper wheel alignment is a vital part of caring for your tires, not to mention the rest of your car. Did you know that if you car’s wheel alignment is done properly, you could save money on fuel and it could make your car safer to drive? Here are a few reasons you should make sure to have this taken care of as part of your normal car maintenance routine.

Save Money

Proper wheel alignment could help you save a few bucks on gas. Wheel alignment helps keep the pressure on your tires even. If this pressure is uneven, that means they have to deal with more friction from the roadway and more resistance from the road surface too. Aligning your wheels alleviates most of this, and that means your car won’t have to use as much gas to go.

Not only that, when your tires wear unevenly, that could

Standard Factory Scheduled Services for Cars and Trucks

All vehicles require a certain degree of care and upkeep to ensure proper vehicle performance and longevity. In order to achieve optimal car and truck driving conditions, a person should take their vehicle to a licensed mechanic for regular scheduled maintenance services, as suggested by the manufacturer. There are several different options when it comes to routine maintenance for cars and trucks; from oil changes to upholstery conditioning, the services are endless.

Among all vehicle care and maintenance services, there are some that are mandatory, rather than cosmetic. Continue reading to learn about the most common factory scheduled maintenance services that every car or truck owner should get on a routine basis.

Oil Changes

All vehicles that run on gasoline require oil changes. If a car or truck owner fails to change the oil, the oil burns up and several problems can occur. Overheating engines, engine sludge, and loss of horsepower performance are all consequences of poor oil maintenance. The oil is what keeps all the metallic parts running smoothly in the engine. Without this lubrication, friction and heat can cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time.

It is

Auto Service Tips to Keep Your Vintage Car Humming

You drove it when you were partying like it was 1999 (and in fact, when it actually was 1999), through the Bush and Obama presidencies, and to at least three new Batman movies. Today, you’re still tooling around with your vintage vehicle. At 10, 15, or even 20 years old, these beauties have earned their reputation for durability and charm, but when they start to sputter, head to the shop post-haste for some routine auto service.


As the owner of a vintage vehicle, your greatest (and most costly) repairs may relate to rust. All those years of service mean time for water to have collected in or on the car, creating the powerful oxidation reaction, which eats shiny exteriors and engines alike. Before you take your car in, check the body for rust spots, which are both unsightly and potentially indicative of greater problems throughout the car. Rust spots or bubbles in body panels may need to be sandblasted, trimmed, or replaced.

Inside the car, particularly if you don’t drive very often, rust may infiltrate the engine, transmission, or valve train. If you can get the car up on a lift, scope out the

Solar Control Glass

If you are all set to buy a car, this is probably a confusing time for you. Depending on your budget, you may have come across a number of options, widely divergent opinions, and conflicting reviews. This article, unfortunately, will not make your job easier. However, it does bring to your notice an important consideration that generally slips under the radar of most car buyers. Laminated auto glass with advanced solar control properties adds a number of advantages to your driving experience, and augments your health and safety on the road.

All Laminated Windshields Not Solar Control

Most car owners are aware that all cars carry solid laminated windshields that maximize optical clarity and keep car occupants safe. Furthermore, the fact that a laminated windshield carries an interlayer of solid plastic between its two sheets of glass makes it naturally efficient in absorbing harmful UV rays from the sun. However, this does not qualify all windshields unanimously as high quality solar control glass, and tempered glass side and rear windows may be exceptionally poor in this respect.

UV Protection

Laminated windshields can only be identified as ‘solar control glass’ if they are built in

Common Car Problems

Cars are great machines to have. The unfortunate thing is that they tend to develop problems every now and then. Here are some of the most common car problems:

Squeaky Brakes

It’s common for car brakes to produce a squealing sound that results from the vibration of pads and rotors. The sound is also produced when the pads and callipers vibrate. If your car has this problem you should ask a professional mechanic to help you in fixing it.

Car Pulls To One Side

If you notice that your car keeps on veering off when you let your hands off the steering wheel or when you aren’t physically controlling the steering, the car has a wheel alignment problem. The good thing is that there are many wheel realignment centres and all you need to do is to find one that is nearest your area of residence.

Rough Ride

Are you used to a smooth ride and then your car becomes rough when you are travelling on a rough road? You should take a look at the shock absorbers and struts. Sometimes you can easily repair the problem, but if the problem has

Diesel Particulate Filters

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filter which is fitted to the exhaust system of the majority of modern diesel engined cars, in order to improve / remove the soot particle emissions between the engine and the atmosphere. The aim of the Diesel Particulate filter is to remove at least 80% of particle emissions from diesel engines, in order to comply to with modern stringent engine emissions standards in Europe and the U.S.A

DPF’s were fitted to vehicles throughout Europe due to the introduction of Euro 5 emissions standards in 2009, and so became a mandatory factory fit from then onwards on the majority of diesel engine vehicles, in order to meet the new, stringent EU5 emissions. There are a handful of small engined diesels which do manage to meet Euro 5 approval without a Diesel particulate filter, however these are in the minority and so if you drive a normal sized Family Car, SUV, 4×4 or Utility vehicle then you should assume that it has a DPF fitted, in line with the majority of diesel cars manufactured from 2009 onwards.

In fact many vehicle manufacturers, were fitting Diesel particulate filters to a selection of

Road Trip Car Safety Kit

Spring and summer are road trip season, but travelling in the cooler months has its perils as well. Before you hit the road, here are some things to think about.

What should every car have in its safety kit?

• A case of bottled water
• A flag or other means of attracting attention
• Blanket or sleeping bag
• Extra clothing and footwear
• Emergency non-perishable food
• Candle in a deep tin
• Waterproof matches
• First aid kit
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Fire extinguisher
• Booster cables
• Ice scraper & Snow brush
• Oil and antifreeze
• Paper towels or rags
• Road map, Compass, GPS
• Sand, road salt or kitty litter, and Shovel
• Cell phone charger

It is also important to keep your cell phone charged. Often that might be your lifeline for help, and your charger will not work, once your cars battery is dead.

When planning a long road trip, or a trip to unfamiliar territory, it is also important to let friends or family know where you are going and when you are to be expected to arrive, call and update them

Get Better Gas Mileage

Since gas is so high nowadays I am always looking for ways to get better gas mileage. I drive a lot and it can really be a drain on my budget. I found some new ways to get better gas mileage and also felt like sharing some that I already knew. Hopefully I can help you save some money on gas!

Don’t use your car as a storage bin

Having extra weight in your care means that your car is working harder to move. This will take a toll on your fuel economy so take in all the extra stuff. The less work a vehicle has to do to accelerate means the less energy is consumed.

Change your oil

I used to have a friend that joked that the oil doesn’t try to change her so why should she change the oil? Made me laugh every time but I always worried that she didn’t understand the importance. The oil in your engine allows the pistons to move up and down more easily and the easier things move the less fuel it takes to move them.

Replace your spark plugs

Clean, properly gapped

Car Repair Battery Troubleshooting and Replacement

Car repair may seem like a mystery, especially if never attempted it, but there are a few projects you can start with that are easy for anyone to master. As long as you have the basic tools, there are hundreds of car repairs you can do yourself. Some of the basic tools are:

– Screwdrivers
– Box-end wrenches
– Open-end wrenches
– Ratchet wrench and sockets
– Oil filter remover tool
– C-clamps
– Pinch bar
– Lug wrench

The easiest place to start when it comes to car repair is the battery. It is the heart of your vehicle. If it isn’t working right, neither will your car. There is not a lot of things more frustrating than having to get somewhere and turning the key on your car and getting nothing, or a weak purr followed by silence. A stone cold dead battery could mean many things. The battery may need replaced, or you may have simply left something on, such as the headlights. In this case a simple charge will fix the problem. How can you tell what the problem is?

A battery has to have enough cold cranking amps (CCA) to

Bad Belts Break Engines

When a high-pitched squeal or whine comes from the engine compartment of a car, one very frequent reason is a belt failure or pending failure. Take the car to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible for diagnostics and belt replacement. Broken belts cause damage to many areas of a car and this damage is far more expensive to fix than the cost to replace a worn-down belt.

  1. Engine and accessory belts power many engine parts, including the power steering, air conditioner compressor, alternator, power steering and more. A broken belt, especially on that affects a critical system, often leaves the car dead until repaired.
  1. Think about how long ago the car’s timing belt was changed. If it was over 100,000 miles ago, then have a good mechanic inspect the vehicle and decide if belts need to be changed.
  1. They are made over rubber with small teeth that grip the wheels it operates. As the rubber wears down, it begins to slip. The wheel turning it still moves, but the belt slips or does not move at all. This causes the loud squeal.
  1. The engine belt squeal is a warning sound

Winter Weather Lifehacks for Your Car

Has the winter weather been driving you crazy trying to get your car defrosted in the mornings? It has been driving me bonkers. My 1969 Chevelle does not like to argue with the cold weather and it is also my baby so it stays inside the garage safe and sound. My husband does the same thing with his 1986 mustang and there is only enough room left for our motorcycles and the kids’ power wheels. This leaves no room for the vehicles we actually drive. This sounds impractical but the thing is we have figured out how to work this out. I am the reigning queen of ghetto engineering which means I come up with some great life hacks and I am always willing to try out anyone else’s idea too. (My husband swears I lived in a true poverty stricken ghetto in a past life because in there is no way the woman from middle class suburbia should be able to come up with the things that I do. He is from the ghetto and still finds me more resourceful than anyone he knows.)

The problem we all hate battling in the winter is ice. Iced

How to Protect and Maintain Your Vehicle

A personal car is a great asset. Just as we do not buy houses every day, similarly, a car is also not bought every day. However, if you do not take care of this asset, you might have to go to an auto shop every day. So for the smooth running and proper functioning of a car, servicing the car is sacrosanct. Again servicing does not only mean a casual browse through at the visible parts. It also means taking intense car of your car. Just as you shower care on your loved ones, similarly your car needs ample attention too. If you falter, your car might have to visit the intensive care unit.

You should follow a to-do list when it comes to car servicing. As an alternative, you can choose an agent for car servicing. Either you get essential services from the agent. Or, you can adhere to a proper vehicle maintenance plan. Being preoccupied with our work, it becomes difficult to attend to our car until it gets into a dither. Despite being utterly busy, do not overlook the rise in fuel and petrol prices. Again if you tend take your car for servicing

How to Maintain and Replace Your Cars Radiator

Your Cars Radiator

Most of the fuel energy in a car is converted into heat (approximately 70%), and it is the job of a car’s cooling system to take care of that heat. A car’s engine has numerous parts moving constantly to generate power. These moving parts create friction that results in high temperatures. Though motor oil is pumped throughout the engine to provide lubrication, it is not adequate to surmount all the excessive heat. Consequentially, several parts of the engine reach temperatures high enough to cause damage. This is where a cooling system becomes necessary in a car.

The engine must be kept moderately cool to operate normally and to avoid seizures. To prevent this from happening, water and coolant liquid is pumped through several components of the engine to absorb heat. When the heated liquid exits the engine, it re-enters the radiator, where drawn through a number of internal folds and chambers, it is cooled. Designed to transfer heat from the mixture of water and the coolant coming from the engine, the radiator is a type of heat exchanger. The radiator is helped by a fan that blows coolers outside air to speed up

How to Practice Garage Safety

“Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy” or “If safety is a joke, then death is the punch-line’, or better still, how about the ever popular “Accidents hurt-safety doesn’t”. What do these three sayings have in common other than the word “safety”? They all come from wisdom gained by the hardship or misfortune of some poor individual(s) who did not invest a little bit of care prior to taking on some seemingly “benign” activity.

While striving to be a do-it-yourself mechanic is certainly a worthy endeavor and saving money is a direct result of this pursuit, if you do not practice proper safety procedures and guidelines, your hobby/career may be very short-lived and could end up costing you more than you think. Garage Safety is basically a mindset that views every task, no matter how easy or difficult, as potentially dangerous.

The practice of Garage Safety can be broken down into 3 elements: You, Environment, and Procedure Precautions, conveniently and cleverly, I might add, forming the acronym Y.E.P. This acronym is short, easy to remember, and states the affirmative for every task you begin.

Let’s explore each element a little more.


Mobile Mechanics Their Advantages As Compared To The Others

A lot of people these days come across plenty of problems, if their car gets out-of-order. People normally need cars for work, day-to-day activities and timely necessities of the family. Even though it was more like a luxury item before, it has certainly become a prime necessity today. However, you must keep the vehicles under routine maintenance to keep them up and running for a long time.

After getting up from bed and gearing up for office one fine morning, you might see that your car is not starting. Well, this is not the perfect start to the day and this can cause lot of frustration. The same thing may happen while you are out on a grocery shopping. Every person will come across a car breakdown at some point of time. Such breakdowns are quite annoying in the long run. But, keeping the vehicle under routine maintenance will help you keep the vehicle in good shape.

Unfortunately, people are quite busy these days. They get stuck in their day-to-day activities and do not get the time to take the car to an auto garage. This is a reason mobile mechanics are such a practical entity

An Introduction to Auto Glass Replacement

There are times when a car owner needs to start worrying about auto glass replacement. This can happen because of many reasons. Scratched glass is one reason you would perhaps want to replace your windshield. There is also no telling when a flying pebble can strike your auto’s windshield. Cold weather is another major reason why your car windscreen can crack.

One cannot ignore a scratched auto windshield. It is important for you to repair a damaged windshield which is why one needs to find out more about auto glass replacement. A damaged windshield will not only make it hard to drive your vehicle but it also mars the beauty of your vehicle. Cracked windshields will hinder the driver’s visibility and that can lead to an unfortunate accident.

Many car owners fear that auto glass replacement is going to cause them a heavy financial loss. This is why many of them ignore the need to replace their auto windshield. However, a wise car owner knows and understands that it would be foolish to ignore the need to replace the auto windscreen. Some people even think about using DIY tips to remove the scratches from their car’s

Corporate Parking Lot Oil Change Services

Not long ago, I was contacted by a global MBA student from a quality “B-Business School” at a major state university. They were putting together a business plan for a class. They’d come up with a class project for their entrepreneurial business program – what they thought was a Great New Concept; a mobile oil change service going to large corporations and working through their human resource departments. Let’s talk.

You see I told the student that “your business is model is flawed in many ways, so are your assumptions,” a little harsh I suppose, but this is real life not the la-la land of academia. First, very few mobile oil change businesses cater to residential oil changing, and the ones that do only operate in high-end Middle Class or upper class neighborhoods.

These are not amongst the successful operations, they simply are not viable, so any of them you have been studying, you’ve either miss labeled their operations or you are studying and information collecting on garbage companies. Next, the corporate office oil changing model is not a good one. It’s a lot of work, many challenges, communication issues, and dismal profits.

The student